Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Upcoming Schedule

Starting on my birthday (March 23rd), I've been thinking about my schedule outside of school. Not only the schedule, but the opportunity that my old teacher, Sergio, has opened up for me by joining his All The Way Live team. The year has just started and honestly ever since the year has started, things have not been boring.

Especially having more time with the girlfriend, we've recently been opening up new doors for each other. Her opening more doors then me, in my opinion. We're slowly taking over the world! Our networks seem to be bringing us around the world. Her with SpoCom with maybe going to places such as Hawaii. Me with All the Way Live with maybe going to New York, Nicaragua, and Philippines. Even a door to Vienna, Austria! It's all amazing me right now every time I think about it. Later this week she'll be meeting up with the VIP of Marketing for SpoCom in SoCal. The funniest part.. this is what we do on the side for fun. <3

Funny, my blogs tend to always talk about my girlfriend. I didn't really mean for this one to include the girlfriend again, but I guess it couldn't be helped. We've had a great last couple weeks over-all. I've been introducing her to my network of friends and they seem to accept her with open arms. She's a major influence in my life right now and it's hard for me to think about things after graduation.

It's time to start looking for jobs again and this time I'm not going into a new job blindly. And what I mean by that is, I'm actually going after a job that I'm deciding to do as a career and not as just looking for a job to just find money temporarily. Although, I could use a temp job as well, but looking for my career on top of that. I've got a few connections in the bay area with a few radio station and TFC International Broadcast Station in Redwood City. I also have a network in Salinas, Ca with their local news broadcast station. After graduation, I know I'd be able to live in my safe zone of the Bay Area. I'd love to reach out and explore other areas.

Anyway, my birthday is coming up and I know once that hits, my schedule is kicking it into high gear. From now until May, I'm looking forward with spending time with my baby, graduating, and finally settling with a career... oh yeah... and taking over the world with my girlfriend by my side.

My Birthday Wish-list

*MacBook (Any size)
Yes, after all these years of PC, I would like to have an Apple. Don't get it twisted though. I still LOVE my Windows. Unfortunately, Mac has a better quality finish on Multimedia project then would a PC. No matter what I did on my custom made PC, I just could not surpass the quality of a Mac to submit to my Broadcast courses. The Macbook would solely be used for audio and film editing. World of Warcraft still pwns on PC (always FTW) /woot

*Flip HD Camcorder
Ok, so since my girlfriend got her Flip HD from Farmer as a gift, I've seriously been jealous of the video quality on that camera. And it's very compact and travel friendly. Other then having to need light, it's a great product.

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