Sunday, March 28, 2010

How would you describe your style?

I am myself. I honestly don't think I have a style. I've asked people over the years to compare me. But everyone has said they can't. I have my very own unique style.

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mambas or star-bursts?

Oh man... I'm going to have to choose Starburst. They're a little bit tougher to chew, but they have way better flavors.

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Thank you April! Thank you for the love and support over the pass year! AdoboStreetConnection for life!

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UFC Primetime: St-Pierre vs Hardy Ep. 3

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

So at midnight I get a call from my girlfriend saying happy birthday. I love her. To be extremely honest, I seriously only expected her to make that effort because no one called me at all last year. Yes, lonely birthday last year. Anyway... GEEBUS! No joke, I am overwhelmed with all the love I'm receiving at the moment. It's 45 minutes passed midnight and I'm still receiving texts, calls, facebook messages, etc. It's hard no to sleep tonight and it sucks that I have a midterm paper due tomorrow. hahaha! Honestly, all this love is worth the wake up call. Thank you everyone. And now I present to you... INDIE MAN!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quick Update

Photo by Tim Nusog

Aloha bloggers!

Here's a quick update on my life. First off, this is my last week before Spring Break and also the week of my birthday! Also, this means I have a lot of shows/events coming up all the way until May. I appreciate everyone's love and support. :)

March 26th - SFSU's W.H.A.T. Now?! Showcase (San Francisco, Ca)
Marh 28th - Know Your Rank Workshop ft. Bboy PowerSerge (Oakland, Ca)
April 3rd - RyVal's Give It A Chance (Stockton, Ca)
April 10th - Breakthrough Promo Party (Stockton, Ca)
April 11th - US Half Marathon 2 (San Francisco, Ca)
April 18th - Rhythm Inc's Breakthrough 2KX (Stockton, Ca)
April 24th - Collaboration with UOP's Multicultural Showcase (TBD - Stockton, Ca)
April 25th - Summerbreeze's Inspired Open Mic (San Francisco, Ca)
April 29th - Spinatiks & Adobo Street Connection Present SpoCom PreParty (TBD - San Jose, Ca)
April 30th - Sac State's Samahang Pilipino Formal (Sacramento, Ca)
May 1st - SpoCom (San Mateo, Ca)

I believe that's all the events until May. For booking either me or Adobo Street Connection, hit us up at! I also got an email from producer in Vienna, Austria. Unfortunately, half of the message is on full blown tagalog. So I'm having my dad translate what I couldn't decode.

Ok, done with self promotion. I got an early birthday gift from my girlfriend, Cyndy. She got me something from my birthday list which was a 2GB Flip HD! No joke, I was super stoked when she gave it to me. Thanks beb! She does a lot for me and I hope she know I appreciate everything she's done for me. I honestly have nothing planned for my birthday except a dinner with a bunch of my friends in San Francisco after the show on the 26th. Receiving a gift like that seriously made my day. Also, to hear that she went out to talk to my friends about getting another gift was just extremely overwhelming. Seriously, she's an awesome girlfriend.

The other day I waited outside of her classroom with a picnic. It was a nice sunny day, so I thought I'd surprise her. Last time she got out of class a bit early, so I thought I didn't have enough time to make food. So what I did was stop by McDonalds to grab lunch and on the way I bought some seaweed. We both LOVE seaweed. You should see us during road trips. Once I got that, I brought out a blanket and waited outside her class. It ended up that she didn't get out of class the same time last week. :-P So I was waiting outside for about an extra 45 minutes. Honestly, the weather was so nice that I didn't mind the waiting at all. Once she got out, it was nice to see a smile on her face when she saw me waiting for her with a picnic.

Also, within the last week I was lucky enough to have a photo shoot with my great friend Tim Nusog. I recently told him that I needed to take pictures for my website that I'm making for my multimedia class. He text me saying that one of his clients canceled and he's open to do a spontaneous photo shoot with me. I quickly agreed and we hooked up the following day. I highly recommend him for any future shoots.

As some of you may noticed, I chopped off most of my hair!!! I've never really had it this short since that accident at the barber shop when I was in 1st grade. This is all new to me and yes.. my head is very cold. I honestly wanted to try something new and extreme. I'm getting use to it and when I wear the my military dog tags, I just feel like working out. I consider the change motivational.

During the week my girlfriend was at her hometown in SoCal, we had a bet for me to lose 5lbs until she gets back. I couldn't have gotten any more motivational then a bet with the girlfriend. So I hit the gym for every day she was gone. I was hard at first, but it slowly got easier. I did the workouts I use to do when I was in track & field and a few weight loss methods from when I was in wrestling. All in all, I lost 6 lbs while she was gone and I won the bet. I went from 179.6 lbs to 173.4 lbs! A very accurate weight scale if you ask me.

A lot has happened over the pass few weeks that I'm very grateful for having happened. Especially the love and support of my family, girlfriend, and friends. I'm currently sending in applications to news networks in hopes of finding a job in that field and hopefully not interning for 2 years like my friends told me to be aware of. I'm happy to have also been given the opportunity to have so many shows/events coming up and even having an hour co-hosting with DJ DEEstruktion on the local college radio station. Thanks again everyone! Especially my mom, dad, and Cyndy. They're a major backbone to my skeleton I call life. Hmm... that phrase sounded better in my head.

Sweet Pea (Amos Lee Cover)

Wong Fu Weekends: Episode 7 - Screwing around

I want to go to Ikea now.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Upcoming Schedule

Starting on my birthday (March 23rd), I've been thinking about my schedule outside of school. Not only the schedule, but the opportunity that my old teacher, Sergio, has opened up for me by joining his All The Way Live team. The year has just started and honestly ever since the year has started, things have not been boring.

Especially having more time with the girlfriend, we've recently been opening up new doors for each other. Her opening more doors then me, in my opinion. We're slowly taking over the world! Our networks seem to be bringing us around the world. Her with SpoCom with maybe going to places such as Hawaii. Me with All the Way Live with maybe going to New York, Nicaragua, and Philippines. Even a door to Vienna, Austria! It's all amazing me right now every time I think about it. Later this week she'll be meeting up with the VIP of Marketing for SpoCom in SoCal. The funniest part.. this is what we do on the side for fun. <3

Funny, my blogs tend to always talk about my girlfriend. I didn't really mean for this one to include the girlfriend again, but I guess it couldn't be helped. We've had a great last couple weeks over-all. I've been introducing her to my network of friends and they seem to accept her with open arms. She's a major influence in my life right now and it's hard for me to think about things after graduation.

It's time to start looking for jobs again and this time I'm not going into a new job blindly. And what I mean by that is, I'm actually going after a job that I'm deciding to do as a career and not as just looking for a job to just find money temporarily. Although, I could use a temp job as well, but looking for my career on top of that. I've got a few connections in the bay area with a few radio station and TFC International Broadcast Station in Redwood City. I also have a network in Salinas, Ca with their local news broadcast station. After graduation, I know I'd be able to live in my safe zone of the Bay Area. I'd love to reach out and explore other areas.

Anyway, my birthday is coming up and I know once that hits, my schedule is kicking it into high gear. From now until May, I'm looking forward with spending time with my baby, graduating, and finally settling with a career... oh yeah... and taking over the world with my girlfriend by my side.

My Birthday Wish-list

*MacBook (Any size)
Yes, after all these years of PC, I would like to have an Apple. Don't get it twisted though. I still LOVE my Windows. Unfortunately, Mac has a better quality finish on Multimedia project then would a PC. No matter what I did on my custom made PC, I just could not surpass the quality of a Mac to submit to my Broadcast courses. The Macbook would solely be used for audio and film editing. World of Warcraft still pwns on PC (always FTW) /woot

*Flip HD Camcorder
Ok, so since my girlfriend got her Flip HD from Farmer as a gift, I've seriously been jealous of the video quality on that camera. And it's very compact and travel friendly. Other then having to need light, it's a great product.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Oldie but goodie with a tall glass of lemonade.

An old old old interview I did with my good friend Jeremy, aka Passion. We use to meet up back in the day a lot when times were simpler. We'd tell each other stories of our troubles, joke around, and jam occasionally. He'd tell me stories about when his dad didn't approve of him pursuing music. Slowly, he proved to his family that this is what he loves and they embraced it with open arms. They've finally come out to see him at a show and to their surprise, they were proud of his performance and even more surprised of how much love the audience showed him. Now he's around the world fulfilling his dreams, in which we talked about so much as teenagers. Props to him and glad he's doing what he loves. From a friend's point of view, he's crossed many hurdles, but at the end he's doing what he loves. Keep it up bro!