Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Most people

most people meet their boyfriend or girlfriend through friends or at a party of some sort.

frankie and i started talking again on our own after 2 years of not really ever talking to each other and just being our random goofy selves, i feel like. lol i was totally kidding when i suggested that he pick me up and take me to modesto so i can pick up my rental car to go home for the summer =) on the way to modesto we got lost, forcing us to have a longer conversation in the car and thus getting to know each other. really though, we were lost because of poor google instructions and had to call enterprise more than once to figure out where to go haha

definitely a really good impression on his part and i could have easily peace'd out after i got my car but we decided to grab some lunch and a simple invitation to my "going away"/birthday party was all it took to get things ignited. interesting night nonetheless but definitely different than your norm of meeting/reuniting with someone again and falling for them so deeply =)

i love my boyfriend =) mr. frankie james!

- cyndy nguyen

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