Saturday, January 9, 2010

An Update for The Mixtape

Dear MixTape Readers,

This is Frankie James, Founder of Adobo Street Connection and Executive Producer of The MixTape. Before I make an announcement of the teams competing for The MixTape, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any confusion upon the dance competition. It has come to my attention that there has been an inconsistent stream of information towards our event event.

It appears there has been a mis-communication between what locations of teams are allowed to participate. We have been hearing, “It’s a Stockton competition,” “It’s a local competition,” and “It’s a Nor Cal competition.”

So I can make it clear and more specific, the dance competition was open to any teams within an 80 miles radius of Stockton, Ca. Adobo Street Connection will make sure this rule is consistent for this event and any discretions will be personally handled. Registration forms for the dance competition are found at this link and also on Rhythm Inc.’s website (

Feel free to download the forms, fill it out, and email it to or send it via snail mail (address can be found in the registration form). All the rules are clearly stated and will be strongly enforced. The due date has been announced consistently through ASC’s and Rhythm Inc.’s promotions for January 3rd, 2010. Late registration is as of that date is $20 per member.

Special Announcements…

The MixTape Judges!!!

The MixTape will have three special judges for the event. Judges for the dance competition with one more still to be announced:

Sergio Suarez - “BBoy Power Serge”
One of the most active bboys in the world and has been around helping organize and even produce dance competitions around the world.

*Beatz N Pieces Crew & Fresh Dynamix
*Break Dance Professor Ohlone College
*Executive Producer of All the Way Live Dance Competition – In areas such as; United States, Canada, Thailand, & Philippines.
*done work with Americas Best Dance crew, Redbull, Style2ouf, MTV, Workmens Outlet, Adidas, Journey 2 Origin, Playstation, Tribal Clique.
*Opened up for Black Eyed Peas, Outkast, Razelle, and many more.

Tony Washington
One of the most respected producers in the Stockton community with many awards to back it up.

*Executive Producer of Apollo Nights which was one of the three official programs that won the City Of Stockton its very first All America City Award.
*2005 Stockton Hip Hop Award for best local supporter
*2009 Maloof Entertainment Black History month volunteer of the year award
*2009 Service to youth Award Clemmie Award Stockton Chapter of the LINKS, Inc.
*2007 Stockton Arts Commission STAR Award
*2008 SJCOG Regional Excellence Community Involvement Award
*The Action On Behalf Of Children Award in Media
*2007 Volunteer of the Year (Children's Services Coordinating Commission Child Abuse Prevention Awards)
*The Congressional Gold Award of Achievement (Washington D.C)
*The 1999 J.C Penny Golden Rule Award
*The Stockton Police Department Outstanding Volunteer Award
*The Floyd Weaver Service to Youth Award
*Tony has served as a member of the Board of Directors for the following agencies: YMCA, San Joaquin County Chapter Red Cross, San Joaquin County Private Industry Council, San Joaquin County Worknet, The Samuel Hancock Christian School Board of Directors

**One more guest judge to be announced

Special Musical Appearances by
Gabe Bondoc & LeeJay the Beat Boxer

Local Performances by
RyVal feat. Sugar Water Purple
Sarah B. and Kris Holly
with more to be announced.

The MixTape Ticket Sales!!!
Presale tickets are available for purchase online now! The presale tickets are $15 and will be $20 at the door.

Shout out to Rhythm Inc.!!!
They’re our major sponsor and we’re proud to say one of our siblings. Please check out Rhythm Inc.’s website at for more on their upcoming events, workshop, videos, and more. Audition forms to join Rhythm Inc. dance team are up on their website as well! They’re prepping for the new season with crazy amounts of upcoming events.

Shout out to RADisRAD!!!

A very special sponsor that Adobo Street Connection and Rhythm Inc. are both proud to be working with. They’ll be making a special appearance at The MixTape and will also be selling the merchandise as one of our vendors. Their designs are unique and one of the best sponsors we’ve ever worked with. Check out what their shirts, stickers, and at:

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