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If I posted a proposal for people to reverse the paradox of our times, would they actually commit to it if they say yes?

Well, it depends on the terms of paradox. A paradox is a statement or group of statements that leads to a contradiction or a situation which defies intuition. The term is also used for an apparent contradiction that actually expresses a non-dual truth. Typically, the statements in question do not really imply the contradiction, the puzzling result is not really a contradiction, or the premises themselves are not all really true or cannot all be true together. The word paradox is often used interchangeably with contradiction. It is also used to describe situations that are ironic. In general, if we were to commit to saying yes in this universe, when you reverse the paradox from our current, we'd be technically committing to saying no. Make sense?

Or were you considering an actual reversed paradox: Simpson's paradox? In probability and statistics, Simpson's paradox is an apparent paradox in which a correlation (trend) present in different groups is reversed when the groups are combined. This result is often encountered in social-science and medical-science statistics, and it occurs when frequency data are hastily given causal interpretations. Simpson's Paradox disappears when any causal relations are derived systematically – i.e. through formal analysis.

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How did you get to be like spiderman in the picture?? This is K.C!! Love the picture by the way!!! ;)

Awww... Hi cousin! I actually jumped onto the wall and had to land on the wall with enough force to stay still for just a split second for the photographer to capture the shot. Took a lot of team work. haha! But the picture came out awesome, right? :D

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

LOL Final-ly, broke you free, what's up homie, emcee, Frankie G? Down for some thai ice tea? You can even bring Cyndy. No need to be like Traphik, just make it quick and sick, will do the trick, and your flow will sound f*ckin fantastic :)

Hit up Cyndy or me for some of that thai ice tea.

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can i get a ride 4 the next event lol

haha! Of course. All my members pitch in for gas money though.

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are u gay?

I am not. Currently taken by a female. But if you're looking, you should check out www.downelink.com!

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can you uhh .... BARREL ROLL?!

Not as cool as Star Fox!

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have you been to the tenderloins lately?

Not lately. Did you know The Tenderloin is a high crime neighborhood, particularly violent street crime such as robbery and aggravated assault. Seven of the top ten violent crime plots (out of 665 in the entire city as measured by the San Francisco Police Department) are adjacent plots in the Tenderloin and Sixth and Market area. The neighborhood was considered to be the origination of a notorious Filipino gang Bahala Na Gang or BNG, a gang imported from the Philippines. In the late 1960s to the mid 1970s, the gang was involved in extortion, drug sales, and murder for hire. Some Filipino history for you.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Devil Bird

Thursday, April 22, 2010

your answer to the last question was so ridiculous haha. have i told... you lately... that i love you? ;D classy

You told me this morning before and after you kissed me. ;) Thanks for dinner two nights in a row beb. I love you too!

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I'm just playing the rhyming game, to see if you can represent your name. Go along with the flow, and you will definitely grow. who are you :)

My name is Frankie G, the one that you see, on the mic on stage as that Filipino emcee. I aint no Traphik, with noob rhymes and all. But did you know that this muthaf*cka is almost 6 ft tall? (that's me!) My girlfriend's hot, and above all the rest. Mess with her and I'll bust a haduken in yo chest. NIMS!

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LOL Answer my rhyming questions with rhyming answers. Like another year, standing here, still without a career. Just a student trying to stay on track, make enough money for jack in the crack. Production stuff just for kicks, making my life freakin siiick

fsho, you know, tomo. i get it now.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why do you leak awesomeness?

I have a deformity in my prostate that lets awesomeness just flow right through. I occasionally have to wear a diaper because I leak so much awesomeness. "DOUBLE SUN POWERRRR!!!"

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As of today... happy and still looking good.

Who's the most famous person you've met?

My girlfriend is the most famous person I know. Because she knows everyone!

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That was kinda alright, just a little practice and your lines will be tight. Try to make your head spin, spend less time in the kitchen, and this is when the fun begins. So let me hear, all about your career. :)

I currently don't have a career. Just a full time student trying to save enough money for 2 for $1 taco at Jack In The Box! :D With a bunch of production stuff on the side for fun.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When I have a lot of things running on my mind, i quickly write it down and try to make it rhyme. You CAN relieve stress by talking to someone, but for me I don't have anyone. But I like it my way, makes it fun on any given day.

oh baby wha's yo name?! Oh girl... it's yo birthday... :D

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Microphone check! yo yo, spit some words, make it rhyme, describe yourself, in the shortest amount of time. I'm going anonymously, so don't ask anything about me. Don't even try to guess, just have some fun and kill that stress :)

Yo yo yo! I be chillin... in the kitchen... cookin up somethin.. that be illin'... chicken fried rice taste good... with soy sauce up in this hood... hyuuup!

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Have you ever tried to stick your fist in your mouth?

Yes. I was unsuccessful. haha! I have a big fist.

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What song from Boys II Men do you love?

Oh geez! That's almost impossible. According to my MP3 play, it would be "On Bended Knee" since it has the most plays.

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How many toes are on your right foot?

I think five. Umm... hmm... can I use a Life Line? I'd like to ask the audience.

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you were at breakthrough?@!!?

Yes I was! I had an AWESOME time! Congrats to Mainstacks for taking first place!

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Monday, April 19, 2010


This weekend was such an intense roller coaster. It seriously was one of the highlights of the year in many ways. I seriously love the bond between my ASC and the Rhythm Inc. family. And seriously, it's like a family.

I seriously would like to blog about my weekend, but so much has happened emotionally and physically exhausting that I have no idea where to start. Regardless, I would like to give out props to Cyndy and Rhythm Inc. for putting together such an awesome show, Breakthrough 2KX! There were 18 crews from all over California, judges of all shapes and sizes, and had some of the most stressful house ushers I've ever worked with. Please note that the ushers were no part of Rhythm Inc., Delta College student volunteers, or Adobo Street Connection. Those ushers were part of the Atherton Theater employment.

I am highly upset with most of my contacts that made promises to Breakthrough and it's producer. It made them look bad and even made me look bad. I lost a lot of trust business and personal wise from those issues on both ends of being a liable connection for contacts. Especially some of the contacts where businesses that I looked up to. Yes, I understand that situations do come up, but Cyndy the the most organized person I know. She files every document, replies immediately to emails and texts, and even goes out of her way to make sure that client is comfortable.

All together and in the end, this Breakthrough month was an amazing experience and my ASC Team and I were happy to be part of it. For most of us, including me especially, it was a different experience out of my norm and a first for that type of event. I am super proud of Cyndy for keeping her composure and I'm always there to help support her any way possible.

I felt the emotion from the Rhythm Inc. team when they announced that it was Robyn and Cyndy's last performance with Rhythm Inc. I have only best wishes towards everyone on the team and for almost one year now I've seen so many of them grow emotionally and become more of a family.

I'll admit I acted beyond my typical child-like ways this weekend. The last few weeks I honestly have not been feeling myself and I am not typically one to vent to someone in a deep conversation. Bottled up emotions were building up inside and after what happened at home on Saturday, I seriously took 10 steps back when I thought I took 3 steps forward. I'm one those people that keep it to myself to try and figure out how to solve it without anyone's help. As I tried to keep my composure (big emphasis on try), I reflected on my life as of lately. Not allowing that situation to get in the way of my girlfriend's BIG weekend, I put as much effort into helping out Breakthrough 2KX more on my ASC team and I'm very happy they took the extra step to go beyond what I normally asked them to accomplish.

Best put into words, I have been feeling under-accomplished and unattractive lately. It may sound really egotistic, I know. Keep in mind, self esteem is part of motivation. Going to take steps to become stricter on my priorities, goals, and self worth.

1) Exercising more (get rid of my gut).
2) Getting rid of small habits like talking in an Asian accent. It's gotten annoying.
3) Helping out around the house more often.
4) Be more aggressive with finding a job.
5) Being more considerate.

Just basic 5 goals I'm aiming at and habits I need to work. Baby steps. I hate the fact that sometimes I look way into things in my life that it starts to make me a bit stressed. Especially when in the end I find out my gut feeling is correct, but I'm in denial and hoping I was wrong. I feel that people already find me predictable. I guess I've been in a consistent pattern lately (not sure exactly what it is) and I need to change that. Not too sure how Devon found out I had plans to move down to LA, but we had a nice small talk about how the Bay Area and LA compare as to finding a place to fit my needs. Thanks Devon! I personally trust his words because he's in the industry.

Another thing that has happened is one of my best friend's dad passed away. I personally hated the situation on how my gf and I found out. My prayers go out to him and his family.

I personally feel emotionally lost and I'm going to take some time to myself. I'm not pushing any plans and promises aside. As lost as I may feel, I still have my passion of helping out with productions and traveling. Big ups to my boy, RJ Navalta. I thought I traveled a lot, but that guy is a beast.

One big plan I'm looking forward to is a possible California tour with two pretty popular YouTube Musicians. I hope the dates get settled. Also, I'm looking forward to SpoCom. Once again, I'm super proud and highly impressed of my girlfriend.

I know my girlfriend typically doesn't like romantic stuff like this, but I made her breakfast in bed this morning to try to show her that I was proud of her. Not too sure about her reaction to it, but she ate the food regardless and told me she loves me.

I'm going to get some rest and for those that sent me your wishes and stuff, thank you. I'm blessed that no one was hurt and that my friends were there for me to ask if I was ok.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

so is your sister that crazy?

lmao! Everyone is crazy in their own way. *looks around suspiciously*

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I wanna have your baby.

awww... that's so sweet.

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Breakthrough 2KX PreParty Hosted by me & DK Ekpoe!


I made the flier. I forgot to give myself credit on it. :-P

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Erotic eh? How long is your hard penis? ;)

hahahahaha! Wow... That's not erotic. That's just awkward. lmao!

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so what's the newest project?

Currently helping out Rhythm Inc. this month with their Breakthrough Dance events! They have a Breakthrough Promo Party, Dance Workshops, and Dance Competition! For more info check out http://RhythmInc.tk

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Backstreet boys or N'sync? ;D

Tough one! I might have to go with N*sync. They had better dance choreo. Plus, Justin Timberlake.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5 Random Pictures

Hey Frankie!!!! Great job Mr. MC! -Dennis Vu, BCHS

Oh thank you! Nice meeting you Dennis!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

How would you describe your style?

I am myself. I honestly don't think I have a style. I've asked people over the years to compare me. But everyone has said they can't. I have my very own unique style.

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mambas or star-bursts?

Oh man... I'm going to have to choose Starburst. They're a little bit tougher to chew, but they have way better flavors.

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Thank you April! Thank you for the love and support over the pass year! AdoboStreetConnection for life!

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UFC Primetime: St-Pierre vs Hardy Ep. 3

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

So at midnight I get a call from my girlfriend saying happy birthday. I love her. To be extremely honest, I seriously only expected her to make that effort because no one called me at all last year. Yes, lonely birthday last year. Anyway... GEEBUS! No joke, I am overwhelmed with all the love I'm receiving at the moment. It's 45 minutes passed midnight and I'm still receiving texts, calls, facebook messages, etc. It's hard no to sleep tonight and it sucks that I have a midterm paper due tomorrow. hahaha! Honestly, all this love is worth the wake up call. Thank you everyone. And now I present to you... INDIE MAN!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quick Update

Photo by Tim Nusog

Aloha bloggers!

Here's a quick update on my life. First off, this is my last week before Spring Break and also the week of my birthday! Also, this means I have a lot of shows/events coming up all the way until May. I appreciate everyone's love and support. :)

March 26th - SFSU's W.H.A.T. Now?! Showcase (San Francisco, Ca)
Marh 28th - Know Your Rank Workshop ft. Bboy PowerSerge (Oakland, Ca)
April 3rd - RyVal's Give It A Chance (Stockton, Ca)
April 10th - Breakthrough Promo Party (Stockton, Ca)
April 11th - US Half Marathon 2 (San Francisco, Ca)
April 18th - Rhythm Inc's Breakthrough 2KX (Stockton, Ca)
April 24th - Collaboration with UOP's Multicultural Showcase (TBD - Stockton, Ca)
April 25th - Summerbreeze's Inspired Open Mic (San Francisco, Ca)
April 29th - Spinatiks & Adobo Street Connection Present SpoCom PreParty (TBD - San Jose, Ca)
April 30th - Sac State's Samahang Pilipino Formal (Sacramento, Ca)
May 1st - SpoCom (San Mateo, Ca)

I believe that's all the events until May. For booking either me or Adobo Street Connection, hit us up at ASC.EventsTeam@gmail.com! I also got an email from producer in Vienna, Austria. Unfortunately, half of the message is on full blown tagalog. So I'm having my dad translate what I couldn't decode.

Ok, done with self promotion. I got an early birthday gift from my girlfriend, Cyndy. She got me something from my birthday list which was a 2GB Flip HD! No joke, I was super stoked when she gave it to me. Thanks beb! She does a lot for me and I hope she know I appreciate everything she's done for me. I honestly have nothing planned for my birthday except a dinner with a bunch of my friends in San Francisco after the show on the 26th. Receiving a gift like that seriously made my day. Also, to hear that she went out to talk to my friends about getting another gift was just extremely overwhelming. Seriously, she's an awesome girlfriend.

The other day I waited outside of her classroom with a picnic. It was a nice sunny day, so I thought I'd surprise her. Last time she got out of class a bit early, so I thought I didn't have enough time to make food. So what I did was stop by McDonalds to grab lunch and on the way I bought some seaweed. We both LOVE seaweed. You should see us during road trips. Once I got that, I brought out a blanket and waited outside her class. It ended up that she didn't get out of class the same time last week. :-P So I was waiting outside for about an extra 45 minutes. Honestly, the weather was so nice that I didn't mind the waiting at all. Once she got out, it was nice to see a smile on her face when she saw me waiting for her with a picnic.

Also, within the last week I was lucky enough to have a photo shoot with my great friend Tim Nusog. I recently told him that I needed to take pictures for my website that I'm making for my multimedia class. He text me saying that one of his clients canceled and he's open to do a spontaneous photo shoot with me. I quickly agreed and we hooked up the following day. I highly recommend him for any future shoots. http://timnusog.tumblr.com/

As some of you may noticed, I chopped off most of my hair!!! I've never really had it this short since that accident at the barber shop when I was in 1st grade. This is all new to me and yes.. my head is very cold. I honestly wanted to try something new and extreme. I'm getting use to it and when I wear the my military dog tags, I just feel like working out. I consider the change motivational.

During the week my girlfriend was at her hometown in SoCal, we had a bet for me to lose 5lbs until she gets back. I couldn't have gotten any more motivational then a bet with the girlfriend. So I hit the gym for every day she was gone. I was hard at first, but it slowly got easier. I did the workouts I use to do when I was in track & field and a few weight loss methods from when I was in wrestling. All in all, I lost 6 lbs while she was gone and I won the bet. I went from 179.6 lbs to 173.4 lbs! A very accurate weight scale if you ask me.

A lot has happened over the pass few weeks that I'm very grateful for having happened. Especially the love and support of my family, girlfriend, and friends. I'm currently sending in applications to news networks in hopes of finding a job in that field and hopefully not interning for 2 years like my friends told me to be aware of. I'm happy to have also been given the opportunity to have so many shows/events coming up and even having an hour co-hosting with DJ DEEstruktion on the local college radio station. Thanks again everyone! Especially my mom, dad, and Cyndy. They're a major backbone to my skeleton I call life. Hmm... that phrase sounded better in my head.

Sweet Pea (Amos Lee Cover)

Wong Fu Weekends: Episode 7 - Screwing around

I want to go to Ikea now.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Upcoming Schedule

Starting on my birthday (March 23rd), I've been thinking about my schedule outside of school. Not only the schedule, but the opportunity that my old teacher, Sergio, has opened up for me by joining his All The Way Live team. The year has just started and honestly ever since the year has started, things have not been boring.

Especially having more time with the girlfriend, we've recently been opening up new doors for each other. Her opening more doors then me, in my opinion. We're slowly taking over the world! Our networks seem to be bringing us around the world. Her with SpoCom with maybe going to places such as Hawaii. Me with All the Way Live with maybe going to New York, Nicaragua, and Philippines. Even a door to Vienna, Austria! It's all amazing me right now every time I think about it. Later this week she'll be meeting up with the VIP of Marketing for SpoCom in SoCal. The funniest part.. this is what we do on the side for fun. <3

Funny, my blogs tend to always talk about my girlfriend. I didn't really mean for this one to include the girlfriend again, but I guess it couldn't be helped. We've had a great last couple weeks over-all. I've been introducing her to my network of friends and they seem to accept her with open arms. She's a major influence in my life right now and it's hard for me to think about things after graduation.

It's time to start looking for jobs again and this time I'm not going into a new job blindly. And what I mean by that is, I'm actually going after a job that I'm deciding to do as a career and not as just looking for a job to just find money temporarily. Although, I could use a temp job as well, but looking for my career on top of that. I've got a few connections in the bay area with a few radio station and TFC International Broadcast Station in Redwood City. I also have a network in Salinas, Ca with their local news broadcast station. After graduation, I know I'd be able to live in my safe zone of the Bay Area. I'd love to reach out and explore other areas.

Anyway, my birthday is coming up and I know once that hits, my schedule is kicking it into high gear. From now until May, I'm looking forward with spending time with my baby, graduating, and finally settling with a career... oh yeah... and taking over the world with my girlfriend by my side.

My Birthday Wish-list

*MacBook (Any size)
Yes, after all these years of PC, I would like to have an Apple. Don't get it twisted though. I still LOVE my Windows. Unfortunately, Mac has a better quality finish on Multimedia project then would a PC. No matter what I did on my custom made PC, I just could not surpass the quality of a Mac to submit to my Broadcast courses. The Macbook would solely be used for audio and film editing. World of Warcraft still pwns on PC (always FTW) /woot

*Flip HD Camcorder
Ok, so since my girlfriend got her Flip HD from Farmer as a gift, I've seriously been jealous of the video quality on that camera. And it's very compact and travel friendly. Other then having to need light, it's a great product.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Oldie but goodie with a tall glass of lemonade.

An old old old interview I did with my good friend Jeremy, aka Passion. We use to meet up back in the day a lot when times were simpler. We'd tell each other stories of our troubles, joke around, and jam occasionally. He'd tell me stories about when his dad didn't approve of him pursuing music. Slowly, he proved to his family that this is what he loves and they embraced it with open arms. They've finally come out to see him at a show and to their surprise, they were proud of his performance and even more surprised of how much love the audience showed him. Now he's around the world fulfilling his dreams, in which we talked about so much as teenagers. Props to him and glad he's doing what he loves. From a friend's point of view, he's crossed many hurdles, but at the end he's doing what he loves. Keep it up bro!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

9 months w/ world's best girlfriend

A quick blog before I dash to my class. Yesterday was the mark of being with my girlfriend for 9 months. But honestly, it seems like we've been celebrating it for weeks now. For Valentine's Day, she brought me so SoCal and I had the greatest gift ever! She knows I'm really into Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, etc. So she brought me to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Nerd-gasm. Before that, she brought met o my first ever massage. That was an experience I'll never forget. She fell asleep in her massage chair for a bit. haha! <3

This passed weekend was a huge weekend for Rhythm Inc, my ASC Team, and I. Honestly, without my g/f, it wouldn't have ran as smoothly as it did. I had a blast and I'm still feeling a bit dizzy from all the crazy. What girlfriend goes out there and helps take charge? MINE! And she looks good doing it.

And then yesterday, I just felt like she's done so much for me. I was feeling sick the last couple of days, so my productive level seriously went down. But my girlfriend has so much on her table, that I felt that I had to give her something useful. Believe it or not, I gave her $530 for our 9 months. Not that I'm marking a price on our relationship. That's how much money the show made from online tickets and that stuff goes straight into her bank account. So I told her, "Beb. You've done so much for me. I want you to keep that money. Happy 9 months." She definitely deserves it and i don't regret it at all. Oh yeah... and I gave her a Blackberry cover.

Anyway, time for me to run to class. Check out what she's recorded behind the scenes of The MixTape feat Gabe Bondoc & Leejay!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Most people

most people meet their boyfriend or girlfriend through friends or at a party of some sort.

frankie and i started talking again on our own after 2 years of not really ever talking to each other and just being our random goofy selves, i feel like. lol i was totally kidding when i suggested that he pick me up and take me to modesto so i can pick up my rental car to go home for the summer =) on the way to modesto we got lost, forcing us to have a longer conversation in the car and thus getting to know each other. really though, we were lost because of poor google instructions and had to call enterprise more than once to figure out where to go haha

definitely a really good impression on his part and i could have easily peace'd out after i got my car but we decided to grab some lunch and a simple invitation to my "going away"/birthday party was all it took to get things ignited. interesting night nonetheless but definitely different than your norm of meeting/reuniting with someone again and falling for them so deeply =)

i love my boyfriend =) mr. frankie james!

- cyndy nguyen

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My girlfriend. She's gorgeous, ain't she?

I was able to book my girlfriend's dance team a photo shoot this passed weekend. I'm amazed at how the pictures came out. I just wanted to show to the world that this is my girlfriend. She means everything to me and nothing will take that away. Yes, be jealous.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

My sleep pattern has been extremely off lately

My sleep pattern has been extremely off lately. I think I've been thinking way too much lately. It's really draining me. As long as things get done, I hope my random sleeping doesn't effect what needs to be done. Anyway, random song but all this frustrations just makes me want to rock out! BOOYAKAH!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Death Metal Baby!!

Something I did for the gf

The ending got cut off during upload. I don't know why it did that. Anyway, my first vLog in a while, so check it out. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

An Update for The Mixtape

Dear MixTape Readers,

This is Frankie James, Founder of Adobo Street Connection and Executive Producer of The MixTape. Before I make an announcement of the teams competing for The MixTape, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any confusion upon the dance competition. It has come to my attention that there has been an inconsistent stream of information towards our event event.

It appears there has been a mis-communication between what locations of teams are allowed to participate. We have been hearing, “It’s a Stockton competition,” “It’s a local competition,” and “It’s a Nor Cal competition.”

So I can make it clear and more specific, the dance competition was open to any teams within an 80 miles radius of Stockton, Ca. Adobo Street Connection will make sure this rule is consistent for this event and any discretions will be personally handled. Registration forms for the dance competition are found at this link and also on Rhythm Inc.’s website (http://RhythmInc.tk):


Feel free to download the forms, fill it out, and email it to ASC.EventsTeam@gmail.com or send it via snail mail (address can be found in the registration form). All the rules are clearly stated and will be strongly enforced. The due date has been announced consistently through ASC’s and Rhythm Inc.’s promotions for January 3rd, 2010. Late registration is as of that date is $20 per member.

Special Announcements…

The MixTape Judges!!!

The MixTape will have three special judges for the event. Judges for the dance competition with one more still to be announced:

Sergio Suarez - “BBoy Power Serge”
One of the most active bboys in the world and has been around helping organize and even produce dance competitions around the world.

*Beatz N Pieces Crew & Fresh Dynamix
*Break Dance Professor Ohlone College
*Executive Producer of All the Way Live Dance Competition – In areas such as; United States, Canada, Thailand, & Philippines.
*done work with Americas Best Dance crew, Redbull, Style2ouf, MTV, Workmens Outlet, Adidas, Journey 2 Origin, Playstation, Tribal Clique.
*Opened up for Black Eyed Peas, Outkast, Razelle, and many more.

Tony Washington
One of the most respected producers in the Stockton community with many awards to back it up.

*Executive Producer of Apollo Nights which was one of the three official programs that won the City Of Stockton its very first All America City Award.
*2005 Stockton Hip Hop Award for best local supporter
*2009 Maloof Entertainment Black History month volunteer of the year award
*2009 Service to youth Award Clemmie Award Stockton Chapter of the LINKS, Inc.
*2007 Stockton Arts Commission STAR Award
*2008 SJCOG Regional Excellence Community Involvement Award
*The Action On Behalf Of Children Award in Media
*2007 Volunteer of the Year (Children's Services Coordinating Commission Child Abuse Prevention Awards)
*The Congressional Gold Award of Achievement (Washington D.C)
*The 1999 J.C Penny Golden Rule Award
*The Stockton Police Department Outstanding Volunteer Award
*The Floyd Weaver Service to Youth Award
*Tony has served as a member of the Board of Directors for the following agencies: YMCA, San Joaquin County Chapter Red Cross, San Joaquin County Private Industry Council, San Joaquin County Worknet, The Samuel Hancock Christian School Board of Directors

**One more guest judge to be announced

Special Musical Appearances by
Gabe Bondoc & LeeJay the Beat Boxer

Local Performances by
RyVal feat. Sugar Water Purple
Sarah B. and Kris Holly
with more to be announced.

The MixTape Ticket Sales!!!
Presale tickets are available for purchase online now! The presale tickets are $15 and will be $20 at the door.


Shout out to Rhythm Inc.!!!
They’re our major sponsor and we’re proud to say one of our siblings. Please check out Rhythm Inc.’s website at http://Rhythminc.tk for more on their upcoming events, workshop, videos, and more. Audition forms to join Rhythm Inc. dance team are up on their website as well! They’re prepping for the new season with crazy amounts of upcoming events.

Shout out to RADisRAD!!!

A very special sponsor that Adobo Street Connection and Rhythm Inc. are both proud to be working with. They’ll be making a special appearance at The MixTape and will also be selling the merchandise as one of our vendors. Their designs are unique and one of the best sponsors we’ve ever worked with. Check out what their shirts, stickers, and at:

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