Monday, October 19, 2009

I wish life was a lot simpler

I had a great day today! I did awesome on my two midterms, got my homework done, replied to most of my emails, played Pokémon Platinum for a bit... than I ran into this on YouTube. Ugh... ruined my momentum.

Seriously?! Who can read that? /angry

Anyway, I had a great week. I spent A LOT studying. When I had a chance I got to watch Paranormal Activity, spent time with the girlfriend, and helped out Rhythm Inc with there competition last Saturday. I've been doing a bunch of emails about my upcoming event, The Mixtape, and so far I feel like the pace could go much faster. We'll see how it goes.

Voted Sexiest Couple of the Week

Rhythm Inc had a Super Mario theme for their competition and won 1st! Congrats!

Watching Paranormal Activity with Rhythm Inc. Ugh... I had FPS Sickness (motion sickness) during the beginning of the film. The movie slowly became steady near the end which is the best part of any movie anyway.

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