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The Ultimate Raw Fish

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Preview

IGN Daily Fix, 10-29: A New DS, BioShock 2, & Blu-ray on Wii

Everyone Like Bloopers

<br/><a href="" target="_new" title="Season 3 - Gag Reel: Episodes 1-4">Video: Season 3 - Gag Reel: Episodes 1-4</a>

<br/><a href="" target="_new" title="Season 3: Gag Reel - Episodes 5-8">Video: Season 3: Gag Reel - Episodes 5-8</a>

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Quick Adobo Street Connection Update for today

The Mixtape Meeting will be held 5:00pm at the UOP Library in Room 8.

For you Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, & Platinum owners

As you can see above, you can go to Toys “R” Us stores from November 7th to 15th to get the Pokemon Arceus in your Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games. For those that don’t know, Arceus is the final Pokemon that is un-obtainable legally in the US… until November that is. It’s supposed to be the most powerful Pokemon ever, so make sure you go and get it!

via Go Nintendo

Berlin Block Tetris

Berlin Block Tetris from Sergej Hein on Vimeo.

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Check out RyVal!

Check out one of my members of my group: Adobo Street Connection. It's his original song he's doing live at a benefit show that was on just recently.

The MixTape Meeting Coming Up

Oct 22, 2009 I'll be conducting a meeting at UOP Library in Stockton, Ca at 5pm. Bring friends if you'd like! I have a small discussion on getting Gabe Bondoc and Leejay to my show. I have there contract ready and everything. I just need help raising money. Also, there's more info to the dance competition as well. Hope you can come!

Message me for more details. The meeting will take about an hour. Feel free to bring snacks. Someone already asked to bring cupcakes. MmMm....


I was bored. Sent my team into the forums.

I'm new to this generation of Pokémon, so I wanted an opinion on the first team I made at Lv.50. I mainly use them for Battle Tower Rules and against local friends. I only have Pokémon Platinum and Pearl. Since I have Garchomp and Heracross, I assume my tier would be Overused. The team has performed extremely well against my friends and pretty well in Battle Frontier. But I've been trying to get the Great Ability Ribbon and World Ability Ribbon for a little while now and I'm starting to get frustrated.

I know these are almost standard sets, so what can I do to improve or what/who should I consider replacing (please leave explanation)? I also have no idea how to calculate EVs, so I'll try to be as detailed as possible (newb status, i know. Sorry). My three mains for Battle Tower are Garchomp, Gardevoir, Milotic, and then my Heracross would be next in line. Any constructive criticism would be helpful and greatly considered. Thanks!

Garchomp Lv.50 @ Life Orb

Nature: Adamant
Ability: Sand Veil

Sp. Atk--90
Sp. Def-106

Dragon Claw
Fire Fang
Sword Dance

I intended Garchomp to be a Physical Sweeper. I usually start off with Sword Dance, depending if my opponent isn't capable of using Ice attacks. When I know that I can get away with two or three Sword Dances without taking major damage, I'd typically go for it which leads to Garchomp taking out most Pokémon in one hit. If I do see an Ice/Water Pokémon, I typically switch out knowing Garchomp has x4 Weakness to Ice. I use Life Orb to boost his Attack stats as well. He's usually my first in battles. I don't have a problem with this tough guy.


Gardevoir Lv.50 @ Lum Berry

Nature: Calm
Ability: Trace

Sp. Atk-155
Sp. Def-156

Calm Mind

I intended Gardevoir to by a Special Sweeper. I personally think Gardevoir's stats were great for being UU. I always try to go for the Calm Mind as the first move. I picked Thunderbolt because I've found it a very useful in my experience for those resistant to Psychic. If I'm low on HP and I haven't used Lum Berry yet, it works as a great combo with Rest. Since after it sleeps to restore health with Rest, the Lum Berry wakes Gardevoir up to go straight back into battle with full health. I was lucky enough to transfer this baby from my Emerald. Sentimental value.


Skarmory Lv.50 @ Shed Shell

Nature: Impish
Ability: Sturdy

Sp. Atk--52
Sp. Def--82

Aerial Ace

I intended Skarmory to by my Tank and Spiker. Since my Milotic is holding Leftovers for Battle Tower, I gave Skarmory Shed Shell to help recover from damage. I tried out this move set and liked it a lot. I'll throw out as many Spikes possible, than Roar almost every turn. Obviously, use Roost when I’m low on HP and Aerial Ace to attack. Aerial Ace NEVER misses! This is great especially when the opponent has used up Double Team to its max. This gives me a reason to laugh in their face thinking they could get away with high evasiveness. Only thing I dislike about Skarmory is that when it's down to the last Pokémon on each side with Skarmory as my last result, Roar/Spikes becomes useless.


Heracross Lv.50 @ Choice Band

Nature: Adamant
Ability: Guts

Sp. Atk--51
Sp. Def-116

Stone Edge
Take Down
Brick Break

I intended Heracross to be a Physical Sweeper. Heracross was my main Physical Sweeper until I gave birth to Garchomp. Reason it's still one of my favorites is because it can take out almost every Pokémon in one hit. It's has THE HIGHEST attack points out of all the Lv.50 Pokémon I have for Battle Tower. With Choice Band, it makes Heracross even more devastating. Earthquake is extremely well rounded and Stone Edge is for the flying Pokémon. I usually switch out Heracross when I see a Flying Pokémon anyway with x4 Weakness to Flying attacks. Downfall I hate most about Heracross is with Choice Band I'm stuck with that one attack until I switch out. It gets annoying when my opponent switches to Bronzong and I previously used Earthquake. *shakes fist in the air* Like my Gardevoir, I was also lucky enough to transfer this guy from my Emerald.


Milotic Lv.50 @ Leftovers

Nature: Bold
Ability: Marvel Scale

Sp Atk---117
Sp Def---150

Ice Beam

I intended Milotic to be a Tank. I honestly didn't know what the commotion was all about until I got my hands on a Feebas and evolved it to Milotic. OMG! This baby can take hits. Even against some Electric attacks, Milotic will still be standing (or slithering? haha). Skarmory was my old tank until I made Milotic. She's one of my mains now because she's a great tank that has a great offense stragety. I use Toxic and stall with Recover. Surf and Ice Beam are universal attacks that do decent damage to major damage regardless of type. Also, Milotic is great against Dragon types. I can’t find too many flaws for this beauty.


Azelf Lv.50 @ Choice Scarf

Nature: Jolly
Ability: Levitate

Sp Atk--125
Sp Def---88

Zen Headbutt
Fire Punch

I intended Azelf to be a Physical Sweeper. Its Attack stats are moderately good, in my opinion. I rarely use Azelf in Battle Tower, but I use it quite often against my friends. Choice Scarf to make sure I get the first attack with Zen Headbutt or Fire Punch. I'll use Explosion if I feel that I'm stuck in a corner. The expression on people's faces after seeing an Azelf explode is priceless and effective. And I'll use U-Turn when I feel like I can do a hit and run knowing that Azelf will be useful later. Downfall, like my dislikes to most scarves, I'm stuck with one attack until I switch out and its Defense isn't that great to go against some OU.


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Stroller With Baby Falls Underneath Moving Train

Wooooooooooooooow! Besides the fact that she should have been more careful of watching her baby... how would YOU react if it was your baby?

I wish life was a lot simpler

I had a great day today! I did awesome on my two midterms, got my homework done, replied to most of my emails, played Pokémon Platinum for a bit... than I ran into this on YouTube. Ugh... ruined my momentum.

Seriously?! Who can read that? /angry

Anyway, I had a great week. I spent A LOT studying. When I had a chance I got to watch Paranormal Activity, spent time with the girlfriend, and helped out Rhythm Inc with there competition last Saturday. I've been doing a bunch of emails about my upcoming event, The Mixtape, and so far I feel like the pace could go much faster. We'll see how it goes.

Voted Sexiest Couple of the Week

Rhythm Inc had a Super Mario theme for their competition and won 1st! Congrats!

Watching Paranormal Activity with Rhythm Inc. Ugh... I had FPS Sickness (motion sickness) during the beginning of the film. The movie slowly became steady near the end which is the best part of any movie anyway.

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OLED Will F–k You Up Son

Heard of OLED (organic light-emitting diode)technology? It’s used in a few cell phones and TVs, it’s pretty much the future of electronics. Screw flat panel plasmas, OLED has significant advantages over LCDs like no back light, clearer picture quality, more efficient, thinner, and did I mention it’s flexible? Yea it’s the shit, and all the companies like Sony, Samsung, and Toshiba are coming up with ways to use the technology. The problem is that the technology is extremely expensive, for example a OLED TV sets would cost 10 times as much as equivalent LCD or plasma HDTVs. So were years away from seeing this in our daily lives but recently Sony came out with this video to show you the possibilities. Check it out after the jump

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The MixTape Feb. 21st Dance Competition

Competition Application available:
The Mixtape Dance Competition Registration Form

More Details soon to come...

Until than, here are some pictures my trip with Rhythm Inc to World Of Dance San Mateo!

Group picture with one of the WOD Coordinator, Abbie.

My girlfriend with Supreme Soul and Quest Crew

Kool Raul and me

Cyndy and one of the Coordinators of Project Em / Funkenometry SF

Charles from Poreotics and me

Devon of Sick Step and Rhythm Inc.

The Brothers, DSD1, and me (209 Represent)

Cyndy and Valen from The League

Amy from Dela Femme and me

Cyndy and Steve from Quest Crew

BBoy Hong 10 from Korea and me

On Point, Rhythm Inc, Quest Crew, and Supreme Soul all in one picture (indirectly haha!)

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.// hacked

oh, boyfriend =) this is what happens when you accidently leave ur account signed on whenever you're over.

based on the type of videos i feel that you share to your viewers, here are some finds that i think you and many would like:

yeah... that's it for now =P