Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Worlds Biggest Zit

***WARNING: Seriously, I even gagged a lil. If you have a weak stomach, refrain from pushing play. And I thought my zits were bad...

Tic Tic Tac Wafer's Keyboard by Hardcuore

Yet another cool video found by my girlfriend. I completely like the creativity of this video!

do bem™ - Açaí Juice 100% fruit from Hardcuore on Vimeo.

Obscura CueLight Pool Table

My girlfriend sends me some pretty cool stuff. Here's one of them from tonight. How cool is this?! I'd love to have one of these when I get my own house. :D Just too bad it's $200,000.

Almost like a movie scene, but it's reality.

I haven't done research on what and why there was a riot in Pittsburgh, but this definitely has caught my attention.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Current Video Project

Here's a personal project I'm working on. This one is for my parents. They had their 25th Wedding Anniversary in January and I'm putting together a HUGE slide show for them. So many pictures to look through! wow...

I made this one to show them an example of what their slide show can look like. They seemed to like it, but of course they'll want changes in it. But I'd like to share with you guys the demo I made for them.

The music is by Next Phaze called "Number One" and the photos are by Joseph Ontiveros Jr. Click on the link to check out the video! Feel free to comment.

The Gatdula's 25th Wedding Anniversary Demo Reel

***Warning: For some odd reason the demo will take up your whole window. I'm currently working on that problem.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Mixtape FAQ and More

Hope you guys like the teaser I made for the event. If you haven't checked it out yet: The Mixtape Teaser 1! Please Subscribe, Rate, Comment...

A common question I'm getting at the moment is "Where can my team registered for the dance competition?"

I will have registration forms finalized by October 1st, 2009. All the info on stage size, rules, and schedules will be there. Email ASC.EventsTeam@gmail.com or leave a comment with your contact info and you'll receive registration forms as soon as they're available.

Yesterday I had the honors of helping judge Rhythm Inc Auditions. Congrats to those who auditioned. It takes guts. Looking around during the auditions, I could see the stress a lot of the people trying out for the team were going through. Check out the team, Rhythm Inc and show some love. Also, if you do the Twitter thing, keep updated on their upcoming events and also they'll be having High School Auditions very soon: Rhythm Inc's Twitter.

I've had a busy week with a lot of help from my girlfriend. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it through without her help. Or at least not get all the work done and hours I did for my Radio and Television courses for school. One of those moments where you hope you didn't take up too much of their time. We're both have busy schedules ahead of us, but it's nice to be able to see her even if it's doing homework, video projects, and website updates in the media room on our four months.

I got a nice schedule ahead of me. My upcoming weekend includes: World of Dance, a baby shower, a Christening (woot, I'm a Godfather), and DJing Stockton's H.S. Picnic After Party put together by Kilusan.

Yesterday I had a good time. I had to go to Fremont to pick up a few things from my old house. While there I visited a few old friends with the little time I had there. It was nice to have my girlfriend around to keep me company on the trip. We were hoping to hang out with one of her friends from her hometown, John aka Farmer, but our schedule prevented that from happening in the Bay Area. She had to be back in Stockton for Rhythm Inc Auditions.

Farmer was able to make it to Stockton and we got to spend the rest of the night with him and the Rhythm Inc family at my girlfriend's place. The night was filled with joking around, food, and showing Farmer how amazing my gf and I are on Puzzle Fighter and Marvel Vs Capcom skills. I trained my girlfriend very well at Puzzle Fighter. Ready for a challenge? Add her on Xbox Live: LiddoC. And don't forget to add me: Evo Adobo.

Happy gaming!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Mixtape Teaser 1

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rhythm Inc Auditions in the 209 Area!

Hey 209 area! What's good?! Looking for dancers! Check it out!

Thanks again to Robert Yoshino for designing our flier.

Please keep a head's up for the Audition Packet available on our website under Auditions!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's not the GLP Part 2 vid...

I'm still working on many other projects, so the GLP Part 2 video go delayed. Until than, watch my friends and old room mates make a fool of themselves eating a Burritozilla! It's a bit sloppy, but it was a personal video I put together for Hidalgo of ASC. Enjoy!

Lets Talk!

Life has been feeling off lately. It's a bit hard to explain, but it's that gut feeling where you wish you could step up to a situation yet can't figure out how.

Have you ever told yourself, "That's what I want to do." You make ALL the arrangements, go balls-out to make sure you have the supplies needed, and told all your friends and family about how excited you are about wanting to accomplish this goal! Than you don't finish what you've started.

What stopped you? Or if you don't believe you've been stopped, why haven't you accomplished that goal yet? I'm not specifically talking about Life-Long Goals. These goals can be small too, such as diets, budgeting, party, or gathering of friends.

Personally, I'm not saying I haven't reached my goals. Like most of you, I'm still walking down the streets my parent's have paved their way for me. I just happened to stop and smell the roses. But I have also made some mile stones along the way.

I'm slowly seeing why my parent's didn't think my life in the Bay Area wasn't for me. I completely and utterly miss living on my own. My girlfriend has seen first hand the closeness I have with my friends and coworkers. It was the good life! I would seriously trade almost anything in the world to be back there. We'd party EVERY night, drive to other cities whenever we pleased, constantly eat out, meet new people... But that's a life I'm going to have to leave behind.

Somewhat, I'm very happy to have moved back to my hometown. My parent's helping support me financially, old friends catching up with how their lives have been, I'm a Godfather now, and I have a great, playful, energetic, and understanding girlfriend. That's a life I'm going to have. And so far, I'm not regretting anything anymore.

As I started this blog, there is this gut feeling where I wish I could step up. Oddly enough I don't know what situation my gut is telling me about. From what I've analyzed, I got it easy.

Off subject now! Here's what's on my mind...

Work-Out Talk:
I rode my bicycle 12 mile bike ride and did most of the
300 Spartan Workout Training 1, which you can find on YouTube. It intense!

30 Reps of Jump Squats
30 Reps of Staggered Pushups
30 Reps of Alternating Split Jumps
30 Reps of Explosive Pushups
30 Reps of Prison Squats
30 Reps of Hindu Pushups
30 Reps of Kneeling Band Rows
30 Reps of Burpees
30 Reps of Pull Ups
30 Reps of Double Crunchs

-Total of 300 Reps-

I can already tell I'm going to be sore in the morning. If you're just starting to get back into exercising and looking for a great workout, I highly recommend this.

Pokémon Platinum Talk: I don't really play Pokémon that much anymore, but I was doing Battle Frontier's Battle Hall. I needed 50 consecutive wins to get an "Achievement." I won 49 in a row and lost the 50th battle. Epic Fail. I would have rather lost my 48th battle than the 49th. Almost tasted victory! Instead got bitch slapped in the face by a Dusknoir. I don't even know what a Dusknoir is!

Can't go off without talking about the girlfriend. With the hard times and transitioning going on at the moment, it's nice to have someone to share everything with. The other day after my gig, I brought her a bag of lumpia to her meeting. Romantic, right? Anyway, it's seriously the least I can do. She pays for my lunch almost everyday I see her. Quickest way to a man's heart. haha! Today we ate at Siamese Street Thai Restaurant which is down the street from her school. It's the one of the few times where we actually sat down in a restaurant for a meal. Literally one of the few times! The three months we've been together we've only eaten at four or five sit down restaurants.

Recently I've been introduced to a lot of her friends. And they're all seriously cool: her roommates, her dance team, and her Xi Chi family (something like that. Not too familiar with the Greeks). Each group of her friends always just have something to say and it's easy to keep a conversation with them. Hopefully they don't think I talk too much. :-P So far, I think I've made a great impression.

I see the room mate and her co-workers more often. We have some funny chats about Disney than somehow talk about Physics. That's how college students talk. haha! Brings me back to when I was living with room mates in the bay. Fun times! Best part... jumping out of no where and scaring the crap out of everyone. woot! Good times... So, what crazy pranks have you pulled on your room mates?

Also, I brought my bo to San Jose and San Francisco a few weeks back. Totally had fun and that deserves a blog of it's own.

And that's how the cookie crumbles....