Tuesday, August 25, 2009

LMAO! RT @mrs_aye Wow. Frankie is number one in the trending topics! Lol! Wonder if it's my @frankiegatdula!!! Hahahaha

Looks like I'm comin' up on Twitter. haha! j/k Overall, looks like the word "Frankie" is popular on Twitter. But doesn't hurt to pretend I'm famous just for a second or two. I am on Twitter though, so follow me:


Monday, August 24, 2009

(-_-) I Apologize (-_-)

Sorry for the lack of blogs. When you get to my age, remembering things like passwords becomes a World of Warcraft Quest! "Yay! New quest!" /woot

Serious business, is it my eyes or are trying to recover your passwords becoming a nuisance? Whatever these things are called are becoming harder and harder. I forget what these things are called but geez... is it me or was this a tough one???

What the hell?! Can you even read that? Annoying lil' thing... anyway, obviously I got my password settled and the rest is history.

My mom just got back from the hospital last week from pneumonia. She was only suppose to stay in the hospital for two days, but she instead the hospital had her stay for a week. After a chest x-ray, results showed that the infection went from one lung when first diagnosed to the both lungs. It was definitely a family scare and I'm glad she's at home resting. Unfortunately, she's been forced into one month leave for recovery and only one weeks worth of pay. As if this recession wasn't hard enough on the family, my dad is the only current paid employee. I've just started school last week too, so I'm working on paying the bills for that.

(o.0) Future Radio and Television Broadcasts??? (o.0)

NOW for the opposite of sad and depressing news... meaning less sad and less depressing... I'm working on many many future projects; both audio and video broadcasts.

Audio Broadcasting: I'll be working on projects related to AM/FM radio. I'm actually in the works with trying to work with Stockton, Ca's 97.7 KWIN FM & 1280 KWSX AM. I'll be working on ON AIR projects and also administration projects.

Video Broadcasting: A few lucky classmates (unfortunately I'm not one of the lucky ones) have had the privilege of getting hired at KCRA 3, ESPN, and Fox Network! My minimal goal is to be able to work for a major network regardless of being news broadcasting or entertainment. My ultimate goal would to be a host of an entertainment show like Mario Lopez, Olivia Munn, etc.

If you're in the Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto area you most likely know about KCRA 3 News. One of my classmates after only being in the Radio Television Broadcasting courses a semester has a job as a newscaster! Check her out:


If you're interested in lending a hand or any ideas on a radio or video broadcast, email me at: Frankie5891@hotmail.com

(^_^) Current Projects (^_^)

I'm currently working on the continuation of the Gabe/Leejay/Passion video that I previously uploaded. I'll be posting that "GLP (Gabe LeeJay Passion) @SJSU Part 2" by August 30th, 2009.

As far as DJ Frankie James goes, I'm booked EVERY Saturday from August 22nd til October 3rd. Thank everyone for your support. If you're interesting in a very experienced sound management team, let me know or hit up www.creative-sounds.biz

Creative Sounds is my sound group and Adobo Street Connection is my promotion/club/video group. SPEAKING OF CLUBS... Hit this up when you can:

Adobo Street Connection is one of the host, so if you're in the Stockton area August 29th I can get you on guest list and entry for FREE. Email your guest list to Frankie5891@hotmail.com and title it "One Night Only Guest List." I have a Cotillion to DJ before heading to Chitivas, so I'll personally be late for this event.

(>^_^)> Highlight of my Current <(^_^<)

So after four years of being single... yes, the rumors are true. I have tripped and stumbled into this unfamiliar vortex as Facebook calls... "in a relationship." It's been three months and she's from Westminster, Ca. She got me with a walk on Huntington Beach. Lovely place if you have not yet to visit SoCal.

We are definitely one of those opposites, but not so opposite couples. I don't want to get into details at this moment, BUT expect blogs about her. I will admit it's almost like a "can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kind of stuff, right?"

Check her out! She looks so happy to be with me... haha! Anyway, she does a lot of events and projects like I do. Look her up!