Sunday, July 12, 2009

San Rafael Twilight

(WARNING: San Rafael Twilight has NOTHING to do with the Twilight movie. If you clicked here in hope of Robert Pattinson pictures, you've set yourself up for disappointed. But please, don't let this discourage you. Cause Robert Pattinson reads my blogs. He told me himself)

Yesterday I had the privilege to work and provide the sounds for NCNCA's San Rafael Twilight. I very familiar with this organization cause I've raced the Best of the West and was the NCNCA Track Cycling Junior Division Champion. Oh yeah! NCNCA stands for Northern California Nevada Cycling Association. This is my second trip to San Rafael, Ca EVER! My first time was when I brought my Adobo Street Connection Street Team while I MC'd at Dominican University's Kapamilya 1st Annual Showcase.

My dad and I left the house around 8am and got to our destination around 9:30am. Typically, criterium races are held in the early morning. What makes Twilight so different is that it's held from the afternoon til night and it makes it difficult for racers to see further during turns.

Since we got there so early, my dad and I went on an adventure around San Rafael. Ate at Quizno's and checked out Performance Cycling. There sure are A LOT of Thai food places. I think I counted five Thai Resturaunts on one street.

Oh! And this one guy with the ugliest teeth yelled at us saying, "This guy's an asshole!" My dad told me to give him the finger as we drove off. I didn't do it, but I did laugh at the guy and smiled. Sometimes smiles are worse cause it could mean I have something devious planned. *Evil grin...* Iunno what made this guy pissed off. All that we did was let him cross the street while his crosswalk light was red! Give a guy with ugly teeth some good grace and we get called an asshole. PFTH!

So after we ate and what-not, we went back to where we needed to set up around 12pm. The NCNCA had a whole part of the city blocked off for the race. It was pretty cool watching cops blockade the street while we set up.

As we were setting up, I noticed this pizza place across the street. Their delivery people were literally walking in and out like nobodies business. I thought to myself, "This place MUST be crackin!" After all the technically difficulties and the event starting, I went there on my break.

As I walked in, I noticed I was the only Asian in the facility and all the desks employees (literally all) were buff Italian looking guys. Seriously, I thought it was owned by the mafia or something. I asked for a menu and ordered a Trentino.

Mozzarella, Parmesan, Crumbled Feta, Baby Spinach, Red Onions, Pancetta (Italian Bacon), Herbs, and Meyer Lemon Olive Oil (No Tomato Sauce) (recipe source:

Their service and food is awesome and I do recommend going there! I asked about their garlic bread and three of these buff guys said "You should get it!" Out of intimidation, fear, and disregarding the total amount of my order, I asked for garlic bread. Those were thumbs up as well. Amici's FTW!

I think THE best race that happened was the 5-Years old and under Children race. Literally watching 20-30 babies determined, confused, or just plain laughing from happiness racing across the short stretch of the biking course would make anyone happy. Especially their parents/guardian helping them down the race way.

A dad pushing his kid across the finish line. /woot

I tried my best to get as many kids on bikes in one shot

Doess this even count as a bike?! His parents must be so proud.

DUDE! This lil' guy was totally focused!

I got more pictures of the children race which I'll probably post up later. Anyway, I walked around the racing area and noticed some interesting sculptures. One was made of bicycle rims! I thought that was pretty awesome and the perfect sculpture for this event. I thought this was very abstract and the structure was very unique.

I also ran into what looked like an independent films theater! I love movies! If you ask anyone, I could literally waste a day away just sitting in front of my computer, Xbox 360, DVD Player, Netflix, CrunchRoll... yeah... that's my major in college as well.

Anyway, my blog just turned into a photo gallery. For those who actually read to the end of this blog, YOU ARE AWESOME! I'll make you adobo or something. :D There's so much to show you guys, but as much as I'd love to continue talking about my 14 hour work day, I've gotta study for my Physics and Psychology summer class. /cheer *sarcasm*

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  1. that theatre reminds me of the empire theatre.. yeah? no? lol if you look to the left of the picture it looks like there's face with the windows and a button nose lol it's cute

    but yeah that's pretty awesome. fun shots! esp. with the kids